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With construction site security one of the most desired forms of manned guarding at the moment due to the increasing prices of materials, we can offer superior security guarding 24 hours a day. From inspection and logging of on-​site materials and vehicles to random patrols and hotspot monitoring our professional and smart construction site security teams will protect your investment from vandalism, theft and trespass.

ACA Construction Site Security includes:

1) Under Construction Site Security & Building Site Security: Protection form criminal theft, damage;

2) Children and Vandals;

3) Front House Security (Gateman): Site Staff, Visitors signing in and out;

4) Banks man: Professional trained Reversing and entry assistant;

5) Empty Building Security Guard: Protection form illegal occupation and illegal activities;

6) Empty Land Security: Protection form illegal Occupation;

7) Property Security: Any property Building, house or factory Security protection

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